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Firewalker's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 41 (From 6 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 860 Points

Lab of the Dead

Default Of The Dead Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Discover 5 neutral reactions.
Expiration Date Reached Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Terminate 5 specimens.
That's No Gimmick Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Use 1 appropriate item.
I Make Things Happen Unlocked 5/6/12
10 Points
Do a total of 50 actions.
Bad Behavior Unlocked 5/6/12
25 Points
Discover 5 aggressive reactions.
Bloated Equals Happy Unlocked 5/6/12
25 Points
Feed 20 pounds of food to your specimen.
Getting To Know You Unlocked 5/6/12
25 Points
Fully research 1 specimen.
I Know What You Like Unlocked 5/6/12
25 Points
Use 1 preferred item.
Taking It Easy Unlocked 5/6/12
25 Points
Discover 5 passive reactions.
We Must Amputate! Unlocked 5/6/12
25 Points
Cut 1 limb from your specimen.
A True Scientist Unlocked 5/6/12
50 Points
Research all the techniques at least once.
Animal Cruelty 25 Points Kill 10 animals with your research.
Know How To Use It 25 Points Fully research 10 items.
Wigglin' Time! 25 Points Cut 4 limbs from your specimen.
J-J-J-Jaw Breaker! 50 Points Find all the ways to rip the specimen's jaw off.
Labor Intensive 50 Points Do a total of 1000 actions.
Laid Back 50 Points Discover 40 passive reactions.
Master Chef 50 Points Try all the food items.
Star Pupil 50 Points Discover 5 advanced reactions.
Temper Tantrum 50 Points Discover 40 aggressive reactions.
This And That 50 Points Try all the objects.
Weapons Expert 50 Points Try all the weapons.
Bub Would Be Proud 100 Points Discover 30 advanced reactions.
Dr. Frankenstein 100 Points Reach 100% on your total completion statistic.
Methodical Deconstruction 100 Points Find all the ways to kill or incapacitate the specimen.

Medals Earned: 11/25 (225/1,000 points)

Orange Roulette

Fresh Squeeze Unlocked 6/16/12
5 Points
You Survived Your First Encounter
Extra Pulp Unlocked 6/16/12
10 Points
You Lived Through Round Two
Dark Harvest Unlocked 6/16/12
25 Points
You Are Victorious, But At What Price?
Fruit Concentrate Unlocked 6/16/12
25 Points
Three Down And Still Fresh
Harmer's Market Unlocked 6/16/12
50 Points
You Shot Your Opponent!
Luck Is An Illusion Unlocked 6/16/12
50 Points
Get To The End On Your First Game
Overripe 50 Points You Survived A Long Rally
You Would Have Never Known 50 Points You Spun the Cylinder When You Would Have Been Shot

Medals Earned: 6/8 (165/265 points)

Pee Man - The Game

Phase I Unlocked 4/29/11
5 Points
Complete the first phase.
Phase II 10 Points Complete the second phase.
Phase III 25 Points Complete the third phase.
Phase IV 50 Points Complete the final phase.
Split Stream 50 Points Fully load your bladder.
Perfect 100 Points Win without taking any damage.
Fried Fish Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/290 points)

Rebuild 2

The Necropolis Unlocked 5/28/12
5 Points
Find and reclaim the big graveyard
Zed Slayer Unlocked 5/3/12
5 Points
Kill 100 zombies
Victory at Last Unlocked 5/3/12
10 Points
Win the game on any difficulty
Mountain of Bodies Unlocked 5/3/12
50 Points
Kill 100,000 zombies (cumulative)
The Bitter End 10 Points Lose the game
Completionist 25 Points Find all five endings (cumulative)
Impossible! 100 Points Win the game on Impossible difficulty

Medals Earned: 4/7 (70/205 points)

Road of the Dead

Blunt Force Trauma Unlocked 5/14/12
5 Points
Do a 4 hits combo with zombies only
Gunslinger Unlocked 5/14/12
10 Points
Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol
Hydroficial Intelligence Unlocked 5/14/12
10 Points
Use a water jug to put off your burning engine
Don't Need Wheels Unlocked 5/19/12
25 Points
Drive 3 KM with all 4 tires blown
No Mercy Unlocked 5/15/12
25 Points
Hit 25 civilians
Road Dominator Unlocked 5/14/12
25 Points
Hit 50 highway soldiers
Road Warrior Unlocked 5/14/12
25 Points
Defeat a helicopter
Wise Man Unlocked 5/20/12
25 Points
Avoid 10 mutated zombies
Close Encounters Unlocked 5/19/12
50 Points
Get all 5 enemy types off your hood
Pinball Unlocked 5/14/12
50 Points
Do a 3 hits vehicle collision combo
Tank Unlocked 5/19/12
50 Points
Buy all the upgrades
Zombie Sniper Unlocked 5/15/12
50 Points
Do 30 zombie splatter hits
Hood Shaker 5 Points Knock an enemy off your hood by hitting the side walls
Flip Flop 10 Points Hit 16 enemies, alternating between zombie and soldier or vice versa
Meticulous 10 Points Kill 10 zombies at low speed
Quick Draw 25 Points Shoot a soldier while he's pointing his gun at you and before he shoots
Nuke Watcher 50 Points Exit the city with at least 15 seconds to spare
Speed Racer 50 Points Drive 0.5 KM at maximum speed
Time To Spare 50 Points Reach up to 45 seconds bonus time in Dead On Time
Top Gun 50 Points Dodge 10 carpet bombings
Dead On Time 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Dead On Time
Hell's Angel 100 Points Beat Highway To Hell
One Man Army 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Police State
Survivor 100 Points Beat The Great Escape

Medals Earned: 12/24 (350/1,000 points)

Zombies, Inc.

Conquer Africa Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Zombie Pharaohs? Hasn't that been done before?
Conquer Canada Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Not that they put up much of a fight.
Conquer the North Pole Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Zombify Santa.
Conquer the South Pole Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Penguin zombies are no joke.
Fully Upgrade One Item Unlocked 5/6/12
5 Points
Fully upgrade the quality of one item in your sales department.
Fully Upgrade Four Items Unlocked 5/6/12
10 Points
Fully upgrade the quality of four items in your sales department.
Hire 20 Employees Unlocked 5/6/12
10 Points
You are a thriving small business.
Beat Game on Easy 5 Points Beat the game on easy difficulty.
Conquer Central America 5 Points I don't know if you knew this already, but zombies love spicy food.
Conquer South America 5 Points The amazon just got even wilder.
Conquer South Asia 5 Points What's the capital of Thailand? The answer may surprise you.
Conquer the World in 90 Days 5 Points Make the world a zombie utopia in only 90 days!
Fully Upgrade One Zombie 5 Points Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of one of your zombies.
Beat Game on Normal 10 Points Beat the game on normal difficulty.
Conquer Australia 10 Points Kroikey! A zombie dingo ate my zombie baby!
Conquer China 10 Points People in China who get this medal also get arrested for sedition.
Conquer Japan 10 Points If zombies can control giant robots, then we are all f**ked.
Conquer Russia 10 Points In soviet Russia, zombies conquer you!
Conquer the World in 75 Days 10 Points Make the world a zombie utopia in only 75 days!
Fully Upgrade Five Zombies 10 Points Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of five of your zombies.
Hire 40 Employees 10 Points You are a thriving company.
Beat Game on Hard 25 Points Beat the game on hard difficulty
Conquer Europe 25 Points Riots and strikes are the least of your worries.
Conquer the United States 25 Points Politicians are now bribed with brains instead of money.
Fully Upgrade All Items 25 Points Fully upgrade the quality of all items in your sales department.
Hire 60 Employees 25 Points You are a thriving corporation, and a boon to the economy!
Unlock all Company Upgrades 25 Points Your company is now running at peak efficiency!
Beat Game w/o Losing a Battle 50 Points You are definitely an expert strategist.
Conquer the World in 60 Days 50 Points Make the world a zombie utopia in only 60 days!
Fully Upgrade All Zombies 50 Points Fully upgrade both the attack and defense of all of your zombies.

Medals Earned: 7/30 (45/455 points)